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Supporting children and adults with dyslexia through individualised programs [CP1] and industry-based workshops and assessments. Dyslexia Solutions offers Davis Correctional programs for children, teenagers and adults who are experiencing difficulties with reading, writing, spelling and mathematics.

You or your child may also get distracted easily; have to re-read to understand and get comprehension; have trouble getting thoughts onto paper; get anxious and overwhelmed easily when reading or writing or many other symptoms.

Dyslexia is complex and no two individuals are the same. Not sure? In order for you to assess potential needs for treatment and extra support, we have learning difficulties and dyslexia assessments available for children and adults.  Take the test  or 37 Characteristics or  Adult Dyslexia traits



See if a Davis Dyslexia Correction Program is a fit for your needs.

At Dyslexia Solutions you work with Janette, a qualified Davis facilitator, on a one to one program that is specifically designed to meet your individual needs and goals. We use Davis strategies and a learning style that fits with the dyslexic thinking style with our Melbourne dyslexia workshops. To learn more about our dyslexia facilitators, tutor-run workshops, treatments, and learning difficulties assessments for children and adults alike – feel free to reach out to us today.




"Dyslexic people tend to think in pictures and images rather than words”


They are ‘visual spatial’ learners or ‘picture thinkers.’

At Dyslexia Solutions, our Melbourne based dyslexia programs will help you will learn personal tools that will allow you to stop struggling at school, in the workplace or everyday life and start focusing on achieving success.

Programs offered in 3 locations: Aspendale Gardens; Mt Martha and Inverloch. To get in touch, feel free to call us on 0412 021 604 or by sending an email to




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