I’m married with three children and live in the bayside suburb of Aspendale Gardens. My background is in teaching and working with disadvantaged young people.

My journey into becoming a Davis Dyslexia facilitator began when my middle child was diagnosed with severe dyslexia.

He was seven at the time and I remember the school saying that he was fine and that kids develop at different rates but I had internal warning bells going off in me.

He would ‘read’ through memorization or by using the pictures and if you pointed to a word in the sentence, he would count what number word it was in the sentence and then use that to work out what the word was, but if you isolated the word on a flash card, he had no idea what it was. He was clever, motivated and had amazing strategies to overcome this learning problem, however I could see the negative self-talk beginning as he compared himself to others.

After his diagnosis, I began researching many programs and was quite overwhelmed by it all. I revisited the lady who assessed him and she told me about the Davis program. At the same time, I had come across the book by Ron Davis- The Gift of Dyslexia. After meeting with the facilitator, I was impressed with the program as it worked with the strengths of the dyslexic learning style and showed them personal strategies to use to correct dyslexia. I found many other programs used strategies such as phonics, repetition and drills that I knew didn’t work for my son.

My son did the Davis Reading Program for Young Learners and the change was incredible. I had not realized that he actually didn’t know his alphabet. There was no certainty in what the letters were or meant or the sound attached to each one. He had been seeing them as just lines and curves. After his program, I could see such an increase in self-esteem and confidence as he had certainty for the first time. He had strategies that he could use to help him with how he learnt. This allowed him to learn to read, improve his listening and to control his focus. I learnt so much as well.

I decided to become a facilitator myself because of this and remain very passionate about helping individuals discover solutions and become empowered with knowledge, skills and personal tools to take control of their learning style and achieve their goals.