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“The Davis Program gave me the tools I need to stay focused. I feel more confident about my work.”

Greg Perkin (age 11)


“I’ve learnt a lot of new stuff that can help me at school. Like using my tools and I’m getting better at reading.”

Angus (age 8)


“The programme has increased our son’s self-awareness and confidence. He has an increased ability to focus on tasks including reading, school work, sport and household tasks. His self-esteem and confidence are now at a high level.

Thanks Janette”

Justin Balsillie (Angus’s Dad)


" I cannot express in words, how much Janette and the Davis Dyslexia program have helped my son, Adam. He came to this program in Year 3, aged 9, unable to recognise his alphabet, trying to hide he could not read, his self esteem very low. Janette is an excellent teacher and she helped him to build strategies to give him confidence to keep trying. Through this program, Adam learnt his alphabet and his confidence grew with Janette’s positive, supportive teaching of the program. We saw improvement after each session. Janette worked at Adam’s pace and through all their hard work, Adam is now able to read and has the strategies to help with his dyslexia. We cannot thank Janette enough.”

Natasha Wainwright



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