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The dyslexic thinking style

Disorientation is the natural thinking style of a dyslexic person. It solves confusion of real life objects (3D objects) quickly;

For example; if you see a cat’s tail poking out from behind a door; the dyslexic brain disorientates to imagine what it could be. Their brain see images of cats from all angles and the confusion is solved.

3 D,or ‘real world objects’ are still the same no matter what perception you see. Although these images are only perceived in the individuals mind, they are stored in the brain as real memories.

When the dyslexic person applies this dyslexic thinking style to letters or numbers (2 dimensional symbols) they cannot solve the confusion and only end up even more confused. When sufficiently confused, perceptions become distorted and the brain ‘sees’ false images. This may be the print moving, letter or word substitutions, letter reversals, losing their place in the reading, leaving out words when reading or writing and so on.

See below:

It looks the same no matter what way you look at it. Confusion solved.
40 pieces of information only one is correct. Major confusion

Problems also arise when dyslexics encounter common words that have no picture

Imagine reading
and seeing

Kate and Jill went to the play

See video for further explanation


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